Rykin is a happy go lucky baby. He is good looking and photogenic as well. He is very much interested in gardening as he waters the plants in our terrace garden everyday. He loves listening to music, Five Hundred Miles being his favourite song which was actually sung as a lullaby to him. He loves to take showers and doesn’t want to come out of water as he enjoys water like anything. I thinks all the kids love water. He loves dogs and he is growing up with them as he has three beautiful furry siblings. He is learning to share his things with them. He plays with them and feeds them as well. He loves to share his food with them. They share an amazing bond. Hope he grows up to be a popular and kind-hearted person. He can learn unconditional love from his furry siblings.
I wish that Rykin works with the best international brands as a child model and also as a child actor if he gets such an opportunity. I want him to get global exposure and become self-dependent and a good human being most importantly.



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