Salah is very active, brave, smart and playful child, he is a very good observer, he loves copying others and follows every action. he don’t like noise and violance. he loves to play with his toys and with his agemates. I personally observed that’s he is more smarter than the kids of his age . he is not that type of babies who used to cry all the time he is very jolly and lovable. He is healthy and can lift heavy things on his own. he has very good Focus and eye sight vision, he can see smallest to tiniest thing lying on the surface before you see and clean it ,he is very hygienic, he can’t wear dirty ( pooped) diaper more than 3 mins he used to give us a single by screaming loud to change his dirty diaper. He loves going outside and watching birds and animals, He loves to enteric with new people, he is very well behaved and mannered yet impatient. He is not afraid of heights Once you met him you’ll be fan of him️.

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